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10000 pcs set One-piece epidemic prevention 3D three-layer waterproof breathable washable cloth mouth mask (made in Taiwan)

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10000-pc-set  One-piece epidemic prevention 3Dthree-layer waterproof breathable washable cloth mouth mask (made in Taiwan)( CE319)

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About the three layers of protection:

Use a soft, ultra-smooth andelastic swimming cloth as a outer cloth to filter droplets and dust, which caneffectively block dirt particles. The middle is in one-piece, which iscompletely covered with non-woven fabric layer (50 g type ). The cup-shapeddesign is waterproof and breathable, and the epidemic prevention effect isstrong. The lining is made of unbleached gauze, which is effective forbreathability and saliva/sweat absorption.

The bacteriostatic effect ofthis product is different from commonly marketed non-woven cloth masks for twocharacteristics:

First, commonly marketedmasks uses thin non-woven fabric(30 g). We use 50-g-non-woven fabric withbetter defense performance and good air permeability.

Second, Most of the commercially availablemasks use only a small piece of non-woven fabric in the middle, but viruses andbacteria won’t just invade from the middle. We produce a large piece ofnon-woven fabric, relying on good professional sewing technology withoutdestroying the entire piece of non-woven. While maintainingthe structure, a complete, leak-proof cup-shapedmask is carefully manufactured. It can hold water without dripping when pouredin, allowing you to use it with peace of mind and more importantly, the non-woven fabric of this product has an electrostaticeffect, which is very helpful for blocking bacteria.


About the styling:

Outward three-dimensionalduck-bill shape, large space between mouth and nose, comfortable. Adhere andclose, simple and beautiful, no dead end for epidemic prevention.Three-dimensional tailoring design


About the earhooks:

D-shaped design of ear-hookholes, which conforms to ergonomics. The material of the swimming cloth issoft, and the ears can wear it for a long time without pressure. According topersonal needs, you can tie it to adjust it to the most suitable length.


About the strip:

The upper edge of the nosebridge is placed a special wire for masks imported from Japan. High-techplastic is used to achieve high plasticity. This strip can fit the upper end ofthis cloth mask to the high and low lines of the bridge. Different from commonlymarketed masks, it won’t rust after a long time and pierce the fabric whichcauses danger.

The strip strengthens theanti-epidemic effect that the cup-shaped non-woven fabric creates a completelyclosed internal space on the face. Because of its good air permeability, it isconvenient for users who wear glasses. Press the strip to avoid glassesfogging. Small design creates much convenience.



Use a neutral detergent, wash with hands, gentlyrub, and dry in a ventilated place.



1. Sewing by hand, tediousturning, inevitably skewed, perfectionists do not place orders.

2. Masks are sanitaryproducts, no returns or exchanges, unless with defects.

3. In order to maintain thelong-term integrity of the mask, please wash it with soap and water, wiring itflat and dry it. Do not dry it at high temperature.


Product Information

Product name: [Osun Life] One-piece epidemic prevention3D three-layer waterproof breathable cloth mouth mask (made in Taiwan)

Model number: CE319

Counting amount: 10000 piece

Colors: black, navy blue, palmflower, blue diamond

Material quality: fiber cloth/ gauze / non-woven cloth


Adult :   22x12 cm(handmade may have some slight errors, which is normal)

Child : 20x9.8cm(handmade may have some slight errors, which is normal)

Origin: Taiwan


If you wish to include children's mouth masks in this order, please make a note  to rearrnage your order list. 

We will try  to meet with your request. Thanks!

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